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Avionics Repair in Canada

Victoria Air Maintenance is Vancouver Islands’ premier avionics and maintenance shop and offers a wide range of custom solutions. Whether it’s navigation, ADS-B, flight instruments, an autopilot, or engine monitoring – whatever your budget is, we have a solution. Our technicians are trained to the highest standard to ensure your avionics installation is trouble-free for years to come.

Garmin Authorized Dealer

As an authorized Garmin distributor, we provide competitive pricing and expert advice. Garmin Aviation delivers the most cutting-edge technology in aviation. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible and a name you can trust.

Routine Checks

Victoria Air Maintenace can help eliminate downtime and hidden costs on your routine checks and recertification with modern test equipment, quick turnaround times, and flat-rate pricing.

  • 12-month ELT Recertification
  • 24-month Altimeter Recertification
  • 24-month Transponder/Encoder Recertification
  • Pitot/Static System Leak Testing & Check
  • Battery Capacity Test


  • Repair, install, or upgrade of the following systems:
    • Navigation GPS, VOR, ADF, DME.
    • Fully-integrated equipment including MFDs, PFDs, ADS-B Transponders, TAWS, and TCAS.
    • Communications, Aviation VHF, Marine VHF, FM.
    • Autopilots.
    • Engine monitors.
  • Electrical system repairs, upgrades and complete aircraft rewiring.
  • Radar installations.
  • Airframe wire harness repairs
  • Custom VFR/IFR avionics package installations
  • Installation of STCs and creation of LSTC mods as requested.
  • In-house engineering drawings and modifications.
  • Database updates for Garmin systems.
  • Over-the-counter sales of select avionics and accessories.