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Annual Inspections

Annual inspections include the following and meet the requirements of CAR 625.86 appendix “B”:

• Spark plug cleaning and testing
• Pre and post-run-up for systems check
• Compression check
• Battery servicing
• Oil and filter change **
• Air and hydraulic filter change **
• Lubrication of pulleys, hinges & bell cranks
• Lubrication of grease fittings
• Magneto timing check
• Landing gear retraction test
• Removal and installation of inspection panels and interior necessary for the inspection

After the inspection has been completed, the aircraft owner will be notified and all of the inspection findings will be discussed to ensure that there are no surprises.

AD research or any parts required for the annual inspection, oil, oil filter, misc shop supplies, etc. are charged extra.

Shop consumables are charged at an additional 5%.

All parts & labour for the correction of discrepancies and any additional items which may be required will be evaluated and quoted separately.

Additional items that may be required per CAR 625.86 Appendix “C”:

Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs)
(a) ELTs shall be inspected at intervals not exceeding 12 months.
(b) ELT batteries shall be replaced at the interval recommended by the ELT manufacturer.
Fixed Pitch and Ground Adjustable Propellers
At intervals of not more than 5 years, the propeller shall be removed from the aircraft and inspected for corrosion or other defects over its entire surface, including the hub faces and the mounting hole bores. While the propeller is removed, it shall also be checked for correct dimensions.
Altimetry Devices
Altimeters and other altimetry devices installed in aircraft operating under Instrument Flight Rules, or under Visual Flight Rules in Class B and C Airspace or Class C and D Airspace that is designated as “Transponder Airspace” shall be calibrated at intervals not exceeding 24 months.
(ATC) Transponders
ATC Transponders, including any associated altitude sensing reporting mechanisms, where installed, shall be tested every 24 months.
The accuracy of mechanical drag cup type tachometers, for fixed-wing propeller-driven aircraft, shall be checked on-site annually, and be accurate to within the tolerances established by the aircraft manufacturer or, where no tolerance has been specified by the aircraft manufacturer, to within +\- 4% of engine RPM at mid-point of the cruise range.