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Aviation detailing

Before starting on cleaning up your aircraft, we take careful consideration to understand the current state of your paint, and what service is going to achieve the best result for you and your airplane.
Our process is simple:
  • First, we start with a thorough walk around with you so that you can make us aware of any concerns, or other aspects of your airplane we should be aware of.
  • Second: After understanding your needs, we offer the best solution tailored to the state of your aircraft
  • Third: We get to work, and at the end you are left with your paint in a healthier state, and hopefully it flies a few knots faster.

We use professional detailing products and tools ranging from an assortment of rupees dual action polishers, extremely soft and clean microfiber towels, and aviation certified coatings such as Tough Guard Aero to leave your aircraft protected for up to three years.We understand that every aircraft is going to need a certain level of attention to bring it to your expectation. Here are three basic services that we offer.

  1. Paint Surface Decontamination: This consists of washing, degreasing, and clay barring the surface of your aircraft.
  2. Paint Enhancement: After having washed and cleaned the surface of the paint, this enhancement stage helps remove any swirls, scratches or marring on your paint, and also helps it shine.
  3. Paint Protection: Once your aircraft is shining, we will apply a ceramic coating, using Tough Guard Aero to protect your paint against the harsh environments that your airplane flies through.

After care

Once you come to pick up your aircraft, you’ll notice a note left in your cockpit that outlines all of the essentials for maintaining your aircraft’s presentation once we have worked on it. This includes both basic products, and also techniques and tips. If we have completed a ceramic coating, we’d like to book you in for a maintenance coat once every year, or every two years depending if it is kept outside. This ensures it is protected for as long as possible and prevents the need to undergo the paint enhancement stage again. Book today directly through Plane Perfect Detailing or contact us today.